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Dental implants made of titanium has proven effective replacement of the tooth when people losing their teeth, Implant is one of choice to replace crown or bridge fixing in the patient mouth also support removable denture to make excellent function and confident.

The advantage of dental implant

1. Keep your smile and face appearance

2. More natural looking

3. Stable and typically longer lasting than other tooth replacement options

4. Keep surrounding bones avoiding bone loss

5. Avoid to grinding away healthy adjacent teeth

                The Number of implant support bridge and denture in every case are different. Your dental professional will work with you to determine the best treatment plan.

                The first step is placing number of implants into your jawbone to allow bone integration 2-6 months. During this time a temporary teeth replacement option can be worn over the implants sites.

                The second step procedure is to uncover the implants and attach extensions. The full bridge or removable denture will be attached to small metal posts called abutments or the connection device.

                For single tooth dental implant. If you missing a single tooth, an implant and a crown can replace both the lost natural tooth and its root, a dental implant can be locked and functioning like a natural tooth than the other treatments, a tooth supported fix bridge require that adjacent teeth be ground down to support the cemented bridge, some of previously surrounding bone begin to resorb ( deteriorate ), in long time and integrate dental implants help to keep bone healthy and intact, easier to keep clean than a bridge, resorbed bone beneath the bridge can lead to an unattractive smile.