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Young children also need their special oral health care. Our clinic provide comprehensive oral health examinations, tooth cleaning, fluoride applications, tooth sealants, restorative procedures, extractions and minor surgical procedures, space maintainer, deciduous tooth pulp treatments.

Tooth Extraction

Topical anesthesia is our basic rule treatment before injection local anesthesia. Painless and gental removing of tooth are attentive procedure.

Fluoride Treatment

The adventage of topical fluoride treatment are the tooth stronger by re-mineralize small imperfections of tooth enermal by attaching calcium to the teeth. Fluoride has proven effective means of preventing tooth decay.

How to treatment is placing fluoride gel into the mouth shaped trays and insert into the child’s mouth for few minutes. After the treatment, the dentist will ask your child not to eat or drink for at least 30 minutes to allow for optimum absorption.

Tooth Sealant

Sealant is a thin protective coating that adheres to the chewing surface, this is especially important to reduce the risk of decay 80% of molar, especial the eruption of first molar around age 6 and the second molar break through around age 12. Sealant these teeth as soon as they came through can keep decay free from the start.

Pulp Treatment

Objections of pulp treatment in primary and mixed dentition are

          – Maintain the tooth in a non pathological state

          – Maintain arch length and keep tooth space

          – Keep the ability of chewing

          – Prevention abnormal speech and habit

1. Indirect pulp treatment

This therapy is the procedure when a carious lesion near the dental pulp. Medication dressing and cement are place over the remaining layer of carious dentine to stimulate healing and repairing with following 6 – 12 months.

2. Pulpotomy

In case of carious lesion involve the amputation of the coronal portion without pain swelling or radical pulpitis. The coronal pulp chamber is filled with a suitable medicine to preserved the vitality of remaining radicular portion of the pulp.

3. Pulpectomy

This therapy is used when the carious lesion access to the coronal pulp portion, severe pain or swelling, mobility. The canals are enlarged and disinfected before filled with a resorbable meditations.

Filling and Stainless steel crown restoration

When the primary is extensively decay and using filling materials seem to be not successful, the restoring of the tooth with stainless steel crown is recommended especially if the tooth has received pulpal therapy